Ron Mills-Pinyas

Ron Mills-Pinyas_profile_photo
1952, Missouri, USA

“Beauty is to me found when the mind reaches its end point. When words fail. To engage this aspiration, as a painter, I court images that are not previously known or named, in passages that hint at luminous sources often behind “the thicket” of confusion, unresolved flux and serendipity.”

Ron Mills-Pinyas’ paintings point to what in creation is, fragile, even possibly frail in a world of powerful simmering explosions of colour and beautiful molecular sub-realities. The delicate and sometimes daunting balance in nature we sense in Mills-Pinyas’s work has nothing to do with insubstantiality, but rather his work evokes what is truly essential, uncovering the fundamental nature of being, what is beyond individual parts to show true essence.


In Mills-Pinyas’ paintings we do not know if we are seeing the beginning or the end, but we know we are seeing the essence of organic life going through molecular metamorphosis with all its colourful, textural beauty.


Mills-Pinyas lives between Catalonia and the USA where he teaches art as a university professor.

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