Jordi Díez a La Razón


Jordi Díez a La Razón: "Jordi Díez, una aproximación al escultor que ha dado nueva forma al hierro."

Gil Bruvel a Juxtapoz Magazine


Gil Bruvel a Juxtapoz Magazine: "Country Musician Pat Green Interviews Gil Bruvel on His New Series 'Bending the Lines'."

Frank E Hollywood a The Museum of Bags and Purses


Frank E Hollywood a The Museum of Bags and Purses (Tassenmuseum): "Kunstenaar Frank E Hollywood in het Tassenmuseum: NO BAG, NO STORY!"

Opera Skin de Corvengi a


Opera Skin de Corvengi a "Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair's Thirteenth Edition."

Jordi Díez Fernández a My Modern Met


Jordi Díez Fernández a My Modern Met: "Fragmented Figurative Sculptures Pay Tribute to Human Emotion and Strength."

Yvonne Michiels a Klassik International


Yvonne Michiels a Klassik International: "Highlights 2019 Yvonne Michiels."

Nick Veasey al V&A Museum


Nick Veasey al V&A Museum: "X-raying the Fashion collection."

Françoise Nielly a Urban Mirrors. Live for Art | Art to Live


Françoise Nielly a Urban Mirrors: "Françoise Nielly: Call Me Miss Fluo."

Nick Veasey a Music on Walls


Nick Veasey a Music on Walls: "Interview with Nick Veasey."

Jean-François Rauzier a Brabbu | Design Forces


Jean-François Rauzier a Brabbu | Design Forces: "Architectural Design: Series of Babels by Jean-François Rauzier."

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