Jordi Díez in La Razón


Jordi Díez in La Razón: "Jordi Díez, una aproximación al escultor que ha dado nueva forma al hierro."

Gil Bruvel in Juxtapoz Magazine


Gil Bruvel in Juxtapoz Magazine: "Country Musician Pat Green Interviews Gil Bruvel on His New Series 'Bending the Lines'."

Opera Skin van Corvengi op


Opera Skin van Corvengi op "Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair's Thirteenth Edition."

Jordi Díez Fernández in My Modern Met


Jordi Díez Fernández in My Modern Met: "Fragmented Figurative Sculptures Pay Tribute to Human Emotion and Strength."

Yvonne Michiels in Klassik International


Yvonne Michiels in Klassik International: "Highlights 2019 Yvonne Michiels."

Nick Veasey in het V&A Museum


Nick Veasey in het V&A Museum: "X-raying the Fashion collection."

Françoise Nielly in Urban Mirrors. Live for Art | Art to Live


Françoise Nielly in Urban Mirrors: "Françoise Nielly: Call Me Miss Fluo."

Nick Veasey in Music on Walls


Nick Veasey in Music on Walls: "Interview with Nick Veasey."

Jean-François Rauzier in Brabbu | Design Forces


Jean-François Rauzier in Brabbu | Design Forces: "Architectural Design: Series of Babels by Jean-François Rauzier."

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