Noemi Martín

1975, Barcelona, Spain

Noemi Martín belongs to a generation of young painters for whom the avant-garde of the mid-twentieth century is just another feature of the history of art, they are capable of observing reality and expressing themselves in figurative language. This new form of imagining, free from complexes, doubts or resignations, is able to communicate complex emotions to a modern audience who are confident in their own take on art.


Noemi Martín's work revels in imaginary spaces in which perspective is the only form of architecture, and in which her unmistakable ochres, greys and yellows bathe every detail, creating a world which, although imaginary, reflects an infinite number of realities and the most intimate of our sentiments, like a mirror. Sometimes it feels as though we have entered author Carlos Ruiz Zafón's ‘cemetery of forgotten books’ inspired by the same Barcelona as Martín's work, both imbued with the same spirit of times past which speak of our hopes and fears.


And sometimes it feels as though time has come to a standstill and we may move into spaces and times which have already been lived through, while on other occasions we may contemplate a pile of books which seems about to catch fire on a metaphorical funeral pyre: books full of love, hope and dreams which nobody seems to want to re-live, books by both famous and unknown authors that time has brought together on a journey to nowhere. Although if we allow ourselves to be carried by our emotions, we shall always find a warm light in her paintings.

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