Nemo Jantzen

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1970, The Hague, The Netherlands
Born in 1970 in The Hague, Nemo Jantzen graduated from the RTO Art Academy in Rotterdam. Following this he worked as a graphic designer and bill-board artist in Antwerp, where he developed his early hyper realist style, setting him on his path to be a fine artist.

Forever curious, Jantzen decided to travel. Finally deciding on Barcelona he dedicated himself to fine art as a contemporary gallerist and artist. Eager for new experiences he moved to NYC, then to contrasting Bali, gleaning influences and cultural differences along the way. Currently he resides in the Costa Brava.

Over the past 15 years, Jantzen has become a highly acclaimed international artist. His work is exhibited worldwide across the full spectrum of art galleries, art fairs, museums and important public and private collections.

Recently Jantzen has developed a highly original multi media series of work. Perception has always interested him and with this collection, the viewer is cleverly encouraged to play along.

"My latest body of work is all about perception, how each individual perceives things differently, how things can change and be looked at from a different angle or point of view, examining the effects and influence mass media has on our modern society, and how it determines what we think and changes our perception of the world around us."

Nemo decomposes, defragments, depixelates, in order to re-unite, recompose and repixel. The observation from several dimensions makes his art multidimensional, interactive and in permanent dialogue with the spectator.

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Contemporary Art Gallery in Barcelona | Amsterdam

Pulp Fiction

Nemo Jantzen Mixed media and resin domes 116 x 112 cm