Masaya Eguchi

1970, Japan
"Yes or No?
Here or there?
I have noticed that people do not automatically separate and clarify."
"With my work I continue to be interested in the unclear, unstated, unspoken word, what is between A and B? or what is both A and B? With my pieces I work with organic forms that involve the idea of movement, and can’t be consciously perceived – the intention is to create a new process of perception. I don’t wish to provide the “conclusiveness” art is supposed to provide, that is, I want to escape representation through form or meaning, and instead strive for tacit, intimated imagery in which no two viewers arrive at the same ‘answer’."

"I focus on the perception of sense and the structure of our lives and the world, thereby questioning reality and common conventions. I sow doubt and create ambiguity. In doing so, the intent is to prompt a view of reality from a new perspective."

Eguchi works from his studio in Barcelona, where he currently resides.

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Pop Icons III

Nemo Jantzen Técnica mixta y esferas de resina/cristal 154 x 168 cm