Masaya Eguchi

1970, Japan
"Yes or No? Here or there? I have noticed that people do not automatically separate and clarify.

With my work I continue to be interested in the unclear, unstated, unspoken word, what is between A and B? Or what is both A and B? With my pieces I work with organic forms that involve the idea of movement, and can’t be consciously perceived - the intention is to create a new process of perception. I don’t wish to provide the 'conclusiveness' art is supposed to provide, that is, I want to escape representation through form or meaning, and instead strive for tacit, intimated imagery in which no two viewers arrive at the same 'answer'.

I focus on the perception of sense and the structure of our lives and the world, thereby questioning reality and common conventions. I sow doubt and create ambiguity. In doing so, the intent is to prompt a view of reality from a new perspective."

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