Maria Paola Coda

Maria Paola Coda
1981, Castelletto d’Orba, Italy

Coda was Born in 1981 in Italy, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, and since 2006 lives and works in Girona (Spain). In 2004 she was awarded a special mention at the International Contest of Contemporary Art in Postiniano (Italy), that same year she began exhibiting her art in her native country. Coda’s work has since been shown in Girona, New York, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Ourense and Florence.

Her creative process dwells on a permanent search for the beauty hiding within our state of mind. Coda examines and translates the vibratory element of beauty that goes beyond shape or colour, on to her canvas.


“It’s that vibration that makes you cry looking or listening to something without a rational reason. Beauty as a sublime concept is what interests me and what I am looking for”.

The exaggerated multi layering of intensely coloured acrylics acts as a poetic emotional channel, each layer of matter represents an experience, a mood, a time and a place, which then come together to create balance.

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