Lukas Ulmi

1958, Lucerne, Switzerland

Lukas Ulmi’s work unveils the hidden beauty of shapes taking stones, seemingly static forms, incomplete or meaningless objects and turning them into authentic sculptures where weightlessness, movement and poetry unite in delicate iron compositions that subvert ideas of harmony, balance and space. His works have strong connections to the earth, creating circles and lines representing a symbolic return to primary contact, such as planets in constant motion or the harmonic flow of energy in nature.
Ulmi’s works from the last decade in particular seem to invite the spectator to a meditative contemplation. With Mandala, Om and Kailash, Ulmi merges in a natural way the opposing ideas of fullness and emptiness, everlasting and ephemeral. The concept of Maya (the Magical Illusion) in Buddhism has inspired his latest series: according to its definition, everything and nothing exists. His last series of sculptures Maya take inspiration from this idea, playing with illusion, false perception, presence and absence.
Since 1998, Lukas Ulmi’s monumental sculptures and fountains have been displayed in numerous squares in Spain and Switzerland. His work has been acquired by important public institutions such as the Palau de la Música in Valencia.

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