Lluís Cera

1967, Barcelona, Spain

In Lluís Cera’s sculptures, soft, voluptuous forms are embedded in solid iron, marble or stone, making his pieces seem smooth and pliable, subverting the concepts of weight and mass. The artist’s attitude toward craft and craftsmanship reflects the concept of art as a meditative practice that in turn transmits a poetic robust beauty.

From the very start of his career, Lluís Cera laid great importance on a harmonious combination of literature with his sculptures. Sometimes he uses whole texts or text fragments in different languages, carved or applied to the surface of his work, making them universal and exploring the concepts of identity and foreignness, familiar and unfamiliar. The titles of the works may provide leads to the stories they tell, often related to the world of relationships and sentimental bonds, but yet leaving the work completely open to interpretation.

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