Julián Cerón

1966, Santiago de Cali, Colombia

Sculptor Julián Cerón Bolaños was born in Santiago de Cali, Colombia, in 1966, where he first came into contact with the materials used in the family business of manufacturing pieces made of reinforced concrete. He later opened his own company in Santa Marta, Colombia, where he initially began designing works in concrete before taking the technique a step further by really delving into the heart and soul of the pieces, moulding their internal structure from iron.

Since then, throughout his career Cerón has worked with a variety of materials ranging from wire, wood, clay, resin, fibreglass, stone, glass, polyester resin and liquid plastic, displaying works in locations as diverse as Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, the United States, Martinique, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany and Japan. His oeuvre encompasses works miniature in size to pieces of over seven metres.

His figures are slim and dynamic and seem to aspire to be the antithesis of Botero’s works, with his ants made from a single piece of material particularly famous. But why ants? According to Cerón, "they don’t think, they just act. I have learnt from them and observed them since I was a child, how they behave as one".

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