Jon Errazu

1982, Soraluze, Guipuzcoa, Spain
"My work is characterized by forms and lines. The relationship between background and figure is repeated persistently in each of my works. The figure, simple and almost always quadrilateral, changes and is combined in multiple ways on a monochromatic background, which leads to a blend of minimalism and abstract expressionism.
I am interested in investigating aspects of my identity and individuality that appeal to me. I use art as an instrument to analyze my own reality. The truth is that I do not start from a clear and concise concept. The plastic activity itself leads me to reflect on certain aspects, such as the human race, life and the passage of time. Prioritizing the plastic arts over the theorization of this activity seeks to simplify the question about the meaning and feeling of things. This is because I think that access to these subjects necessarily involves broaching them from already reduced and simplified spaces.
From a contemporary practice and in a context of mutual exchange between artist and spectator, the paintings establish an exclusive nexus between them. In this way, access to the pieces, enabled through silent contemplation, introspection and the pleasure of observing, opens a dialogue between individuals."
Jon Errazu

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