1982, Soraluze, Guipuzcoa, Spain

Jon Errazu's message resonates on the retina hours after impact, impregnating our lungs with a deep emptiness of fog and wind. "Black Mountains" is a series full of solitude but also of altitude, of alpine majesty, of mystical retreat. The series P A I S A I A K is, in turn, an evolution towards a more fluvial concept, of serene waters enveloped by black trees like spectres of virgin charcoal or weeping ink. Panoramas developed in black and white, like revelations of snapshots slipped into the greyness of time. Errazu the young achromatic painter, Errazu the geologist of Basque stone, with a solid career in the process of sedimentation, speaks to us from his inner compass and an intimate knowledge of geology. Of ancient fable and of great unknown legend, of mystery hidden in the white charcoal of the mists, of an oriental poem full of serenity and acceptance. In his figurative expressionism, almost abstract and minimalist, there is a particular fusion of the most solid with the most liquid: great mountains and overwhelming ponds are presented as fragile flashes of a sensitive state of mind. The sincere nakedness that Errazu infects us with is radical, physical, tangible, and it erodes our soul like the raw solitude of a creator: the earthly or rocky figures, or the small forest that looms in the distance, do not mark a centre of gravity or a point of reference, not even a support. But an even more infinite helplessness. There is no escape, because it is everything.

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