Joan Peris

1965, Castellón, Spain
Joan Peris, a multidisciplinary visual artist, strips back his imagined landscapes born of an interest in skylines, minimizes and homes in on the combination of colour and texture. Sometimes endless acrylic Mediterranean skies kiss the collaged linen buildings, but often the white translucent Southern European light encompasses his scenes.

Peris' paintings transport us to alternative, utopian terrain. Harmonious and calming places.

His unique vision and love of experimentation with materials has led to personalized visions of Barcelona's cosmopolitan rooftops through his lens. Contrasting this, he is able to settle our mind with a desolate textured and pigmented farm building on a vast sweeping plain.

Born in Castellón, this multi-faceted artist studied graphic design, then worked as a ceramic designer whilst forming his interests in photography and painting. In 1997 Peris consolidated his artistic knowledge and began to work from his Barcelona studio, successfully exhibiting internationally ever since.

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