Jean-François Rauzier

1952, Saint-Adresse, France

Unconventional creator of a postmodern dream world, Jean-François Rauzier wonders about the future of our cultural heritage. Known for his imaginary architectural compilations with many cultural and popular references, he turns urban landscapes into utopias and questions the city of the future and our place in the modern world. The artist offers a reflection on our perception of the world and the main themes that run through the foundations of our society: culture, science, progress, oppression, ecology, utopia, freedom.

In 2002, he created the ‘Hyperphoto’, a concept which enables him to deal with the impossible: combining both infinitely big and infinitely small things in the same surreal image, outside the boundaries of the present.

Called a ‘magician of reality’ by curator and art critic Damien Sausset, and included among the ‘digital baroque’ artists by Regis Cotentin, Jean-François Rauzier received the recognition of his peers as a virtuoso of digital technologies. He has had his work displayed in several international institutions (such as The Los Angeles Annenberg Foundation, Moscow’s MOMA, the Palace of Fine Arts in Lille, …) and in many private art collections such as Louis Vuitton Collections, and Versailles.

The shear multitude of images invites the spectator to go on a journey and delve into Rauzier´s dreamlike, fantastic and timeless worlds. These places are filled with icons and references arisen from the artist’s cultural hall of fame.

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