Ekaterina Smirnova

1981, Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia

Atmosphere -masses of evaporating water in the air- describes Ekaterina Smirnova's paintings best. Working in watercolour, Smirnova has a unique approach to this traditional medium. Multi-glazing and repeatedly splashing the painting, Ekaterina's singular technique best represents the depth of the air, fading the further objects and sharpening the edge of the closer ones. Her breathtaking international landscapes are even more intimate when painted large. Working in large scale, Ekaterina directs the viewers' attention to not only the composition of her works, but to the complex textures as well. Stains, splashes, drips and puddles, all are important elements to Ekaterina's paintings, creating more nuanced atmospheres while calling attention to the process of the painting's creation. Hardware brushes, rough textured paper, a spray bottle and plenty of water are the means by which Ekaterina blurs the straight line – so often seen in the real world, but transformed in the artist's eye. Step closer and get lost in the abstract textures; stand back and imagine yourself overlooking the sunset on the Hudson river. Either way, you are bound for a delight.

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