Atelier Lieverse

Atelier Lieverse_studio stamp
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Characteristic of Lieverse's work is the large format, monochrome colours, the raw linen and coarse embossment. The work is about identity in a globalized world. The paintings show people, mostly women, without a clear background, isolated from their context. The subject is looking for something or someone outside the canvas. The emotion is evident; something has happened or is about to happen, like a movie-still. Lieverse wants to create a connection between the viewer and the unknown, emphatic, immediately at first sight.
Limited editions
Over the past few years, Lieverse has developed a technique to guarantee authenticity and the uniqueness of each edition. The goal was to recreate a series of artworks that approaches the original artwork in how it feels. "It had to be much more than just a reproduction, it had to be unique..". In the beginning, it is a photo of the original artwork on linen, then hand-applied layers of paint and materials are used to create transparency, colour-depth and tactile embossment. The contrast of raw linen, the speed of the palette-knife and the small decisive brushstrokes for highlights are characteristic.
All these special editions emerge from the Lieverse studio. On the front, the artwork is signed by Lieverse, while on the backside a studio stamp is applied with the unique number and size.

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